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Food Handling & Prep

How should my food products be stored at home?

All meat products MUST BE REFRIGERATED upon delivery of the order. Please follow all product label guides for proper food safety instructions.

How long do hot dogs last?

Recommended refrigerator storage for hot dogs: 1 week for opened package. 2 weeks for sealed package

May I freeze the hot dogs?

Meat products may be stored in the freezer for up to 60 days. For best results, place directly inside a dated plastic freezer bag. To defrost, move meat to the refrigerator at least six hours before cooking.

Serving Suggestion

Steam rolls until soft and warm, or brush insides with melted butter and grill or bake until toasted.

What’s the best method of heating Helmbold’s hot dogs?

Helmbold’s hot dogs are delivered to you fully cooked. You have multiple options to heat them. Grill, broil, boil, steam, bake or roast—however, you and your family prefer! The general rule is to heat franks low and slow until the optimal temperature of 160°F is reached. Helmbold's hot dogs are naturally cased so cooking on low heat is the best method to preserve the casing. So heat, serve and enjoy!